United Food Academy Mission Statement

United Food Academy provide food hygiene and safety training for all businesses and individuals in a hugely diverse industry.

What we do

We offer an inclusive and trusted online training experience appropriate for everyone involved in the food industry. We have used our knowledge and experience to create a product in four different languages to allow the learner to gain a comprehensive knowledge through flexible learning. Regardless of whether you’re kickstarting your career or wish to enhance the skills of your workforce, we provide courses suitable for all levels.


We are deeply passionate about equality and inclusion and our vision is to empower our customers to be competent and confident in the workplace.


The workplace can be lonely for some people, and we believe that by providing training that accommodates cultural backgrounds and language differences will help people feel included in a working team.

Team retention

With our training you can attract and retain good employees and create positive working relationships in the workplace.

Positive working

People who come from different backgrounds and cultures can bring new skills, experiences and talent to any team. Our training is designed to make employees feel involved, respected and connected in the workplace. Our aim is to encourage a ‘United’ feel in the workplace and to encourage mindfulness and kindness to each other at all times.

When employees feel happy at work there is an increased positive performance all round and greater productivity. Surely it makes sense to keep people feeling encouraged and driven in the workplace?

Positive communities

Giving back to communities around the world is something we are deeply passionate about, therefore for every course purchased 5% is donated to a charitable initiative.