Allergen Awareness for Food Handlers


Allergen Awareness for Food Handlers

The aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding to about the foods that commonly trigger allergic reactions and the vital information that is required to be communicated to consumers.

This course is essential for those working in Restaurants, Takeaways, Food Manufacturers, Hotels, Schools, Care Homes or anywhere that prepares food.

Upon successfully completing this course you will be awarded a certificate in Allergen Awareness for Food Handlers.

Course duration: 90 minutes



Registered Manager: Interview Questions is an online, verifiable CPD course that tackles some of the typical questions that a CQC Inspector may ask a Registered Manager during their Registered Manager Interview.

The lessons of this dental course are broken down in to separate interview questions and follows the format of:

  • CQC Inspector’s Question
  • Suggested response from you, and where applicable,
  • Further advice.

Comprehensive, yet easy to use, this course equips dental practice managers with extensive knowledge in preparation for such interviews with the CQC.

This course provides 60 minutes of ECPD.