Quality Assurance, Equality & Diversity,  and Complaints Policy


Quality Assurance Statement

Our teachers and trainers work with us closely to provide you with good quality and up to date online training. Our courses are checked for accuracy at the time of publishing.

The training you will receive is evidence based or evidence informed based and the courses are written with aims, objectives and learning outcomes. We request you to provide us with feedback after every training course is undertaken. This is because we want to ensure that our training has met your needs. Honest feedback from participants helps us to provide a high standard of training because we regularly review the feedback and act in accordance with it.

We will provide you with:

  • Course certificate upon passing
  • Course achievement badge that is stored in your personal training dashboard.

You will need to pass a test after each training course and provide us with feedback before you receive your certificate.

You will have 365 days to complete the course and you can save and return to your progress as many times as you wish.

Our training courses are reviewed every 12 months, and in line with current legislation and guidelines. Courses may be updated more frequently during guideline advice changes.

We do not promote commercialisation through the training courses however we may recommend a service or product after the training course is completed.


Equality and Diversity

We will provide educational material that meets the requirements of individuals fairly and in a non-discriminatory way. We will be flexible in our approach and tailor learning needs to meet individual requirements.

Our principles are fairness, respect, equality, dignity and autonomy when considering the needs of our customers.


Translated Courses

All translated in other languages (other than English) have been translated by people for people. These have been carried out and proofread by professional translators and proofread a second time by an independent translator. United Food Academy ensures that all translations have been carried out by ISO 9001: 2008 registered company, that have been audited and found to be in accordance with the requirements of the management system standards.


Complaints and Concerns

It is our aim to ensure that all our customers receive an excellent service. We take any complaints and concerns very seriously, and we prompt you to contact us if you are unhappy with your experience with us.

If you have a concern regarding any aspect of the service you receive from us please let is know and we will try to resolve this is a timely manner.

The person responsible for dealing with complaints and concerns is Mrs Emma Ozpinar, Director of United Foods.

We will acknowledge your concern in writing within two days. We will investigate your concern and report back to you within ten working days of the concern being received. We will always keep you informed if we cannot complete our investigations in a timely manner. All concerns investigated will be made in writing to you about the outcome. We will keep a record of all complaints and concerns, and these will be discussed with team members to ensure our quality control framework is adhered to.

If you do have a complaint, then please contact us via email or letter and we will respond to you.

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United Food Academy
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